paint colors

by Sue

Paint Contractors


HC-102  Clarksville Gray

Gabble, upper body accent.

HC-100 Gloucester Sage

Body of house.

SW2801  Roowood Dark Red

Accent on top window trim,

stringer and risers, front door.

Smaller corbels on trim.

SW7011 - Natural Choice

All existing white trim.

  1. Bullet Minimal job delays. Clients are confident with colors before you begin.

  2. Bullet Current color schemes and trends will enhance your painting work.

  3. Bullet Sue will provide you with detailed information, nothing lost in translation.

  4. Bullet Less sample quarts and wall swatches to cover.

  5. Bullet A helpful and convenient service to offer your clients.

BEFORE             Example of information page given to the painters.              AFTER


Selecting colors can be overwhelming, causing many job delays. Combining my interior design studies and my working experience as a contractor, I have created a system that saves everyone time and money. 

Owning and operating a paint company for ten years has given me the working knowledge and understanding of paint materials, job preparation and color design.  I use that experience, plus my decorating skills to guide your clients to the perfect color. 

Simply refer me to your clients and I’ll handle the rest.  After all the colors have been confirmed, you will receive detailed information regarding paint colors and placement. Leaving you the time to do what you do best.... PAINT! 

Paint Colors by Sue 

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